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1914-S Barber Silver Quarter

1914-S Barber Silver Quarter

Add a sought-after silver classic to your collection in affordable circulated condition. Struck in 90% fine silver 100 years ago, the scarce 1914-S Barber quarter features the 4th lowest mintage of the 1892-1916 series with only 264,000 coins struck. This important issue from a popular silver series is prized by collectors and we rarely have enough 1914-S quarters to feature in our catalog.

Representing substantial money when issued, 25¢ would buy you two gallons of gas or a pound of sirloin steak in 1914. So most Barber quarters were heavily used, worn out or were lost over time. Many more succumbed to the great silver melts of the 1970s, early 1980s and in recent years. PCGS estimates that only 2,500 of the 1914-S Barber quarters exist today in any condition – reserve this scarce century-old favorite now while supplies last!
1186P.11 PCGS Certified, Very Good, VG10 $475.00 Add to Cart
1186P.18 PCGS Certified, Very Good, VG8 $350.00 Add to Cart
1186.AC Average Circulated $225.00 Add to Cart
1186.05 Good $249.00 Add to Cart
1186.VG Very Good #2 $315.00 Add to Cart
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