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155-130 B.C. Menander I Silver Drachm

155-130 B.C. Menander I Silver Drachm

Now own a coin of the Indo-Greek King Menander I, struck in nearly pure silver over 2,100 years ago. Menander halted the advances of the usurper Eucratides and expanded the Bactrian kingdom (present day Afghanistan) into northwestern India. He put together a vast empire that exceeded what Alexander the Great had in this region. And, his coins have been found as far away as Britain, attesting to a flourishing economy.

His coins are bilingual, with the Greek inscription KING MENANDER SAVIOR on the obverse along with his portrait. The reverse shows Athena carrying a shield, holding a thunderbolt, with the Kharoshthi (ancient Indian script) inscription that translates roughly KING MENANDER SAVIOR. So great was his rule, he was mentioned in Plutarch’s writings and in the Buddhist text the Milinda-panha. (Milinda is an adaptation of Menander). According to Buddhist legend, he converted to Buddhism. Add this affordable ancient to your collection today.
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