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1864 $1,000 Confederate States of America Bond, George Washington

1864 $1,000 Confederate States of America Bond, George Washington

Issued to help fund the war effort for the Confederate States of America, this large-size $1,000 bond certificate dated February 17, 1864 is hand numbered and hand signed by CSA officials. The 15 attached coupons were once redeemable for 6% interest per annum at regular intervals. The central illustration depicts a statue of George Washington on horseback – also seen on the $500 Confederate currency note offered on page 7. The South linked George Washington to the cause of the Confederacy as a Virginian and former slave owner. The North pointed to the first U.S. president’s letters and speeches advocating support of the Union over one’s own state and the gradual abolition of slavery.

This high-denomination 1864 Confederate bond featuring George Washington is a sought-after Civil War collectible – issued the year Lincoln was reelected president and Union General Sherman made his costly March to the Sea. Measuring about 17˝ x 13 1/2˝, the $1,000 bond when framed makes a fascinating and historic wall display – especially in this 100th anniversary year of the start of the Civil War. Order this genuine Civil War collectible today.
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