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1863 Confederate States of America $1000 Bond, James A. Seddon

1863 Confederate States of America $1000 Bond, James A. Seddon

The Confederacy was optimistic about the outcome of the Civil War… in fact, they banked on it! The South raised millions of dollars through the sale of bonds, and now you can own an original $1,000 Confederate “cotton” bond, measuring a massive 17˝ x 14˝ – perfect for framing.

Smuggled through Union blockades and sold to European and English investors, these April 30, 1863 bonds promised an attractive 6% interest redeemable in cotton or cash, twenty years later. Cotton was “king” in the South, feeding the mill towns in the North, England, and France. In fact, before the Civil War, 75% of all cotton used in those nations came from the southern states. Each bond is hand signed by Confederate leaders, is hand numbered and dated, and will have at least 18 original coupons attached. Only 8,372 of these bonds were ever issued, and with the passage of over 148 years, who knows for sure how many exist today. Seldom seen, this $1,000 Confederate bond is perfect for the history buff, Civil War or paper money collector – get yours right away!
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