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1936-1939 Germany Silver 2 Reichsmark

1936-1939 Germany Silver 2 Reichsmark

This 2 Reichsmark silver coin is one of the few remaining authentic mementos of Hitler’s Nazi Germany (most were destroyed after WWII), and will add great historical interest and significance to your collection. It was struck in 62.5% silver over 70 years ago from 1936-1939, after which silver coinage was halted in favor of cheaper metals as Hitler began his costly blitzkrieg invasions.

The obverse depicts Paul von Hindenburg, a prominent WWI general and from 1925-1934 the second president of Germany. The reverse features the famous Nazi emblem of the Reichs eagle clutching an oak wreath surrounding a swastika. This design on silver coins of 1936-1939 served as a propaganda tool for Hitler as he expanded his power. Don’t miss this chance to own a prized historical memento of a dramatic era, when Americans on the battlefield and on the home front preserved our freedom and liberty.
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