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1864 3-Note Set ($5, $10 and $20), Circulated

1864 Confederate States of America 3-Note Set ($5, $10 and $20), Circulated

Issued over 145 years ago during the Civil War, the 1864 $5, $10 and $20 issues in these exciting 3-note sets are from the 7th and final series of Confederate currency. The face of each large-size 7˝ x 3˝ note is hand signed and bears the portrait of a Confederate official. Each denomination also features a unique vignette engraving – depicting the Confederate capitol in Richmond on the $5 bill, field artillery on the $10, and the Tennessee capitol building on the $20 issue. The reverse of all 3 notes bears the intricate blue design that earned the nickname “bluebacks” (distinguishing them from U.S. “greenbacks”).

The affordable Circulated 3-note set is especially desirable. But our supplies are strictly limited, so add this authentic Confederate States currency to your collection today!
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