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ND(1939) Thailand 10 Baht Bank Note

ND(1939) Thailand 10 Baht Bank Note

After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, its ground troops invaded Thailand. In a matter of hours fighting ceased, and Thailand signed a treaty giving Japan access to Thai airfields, railroads and roads. The Japanese needed land access to Burma and Malaysia. To get it, they forced WWII POWs to build a railroad and bridge over the River Kwai. Now this last 10 Baht issued in 1939 by the Thai government recalls that monumental undertaking.

Originally known as Siam, the country is unique because it’s the only Southeast Asian nation that didn’t fall under European colonial rule. In July 1939, Siam changed its name to Thailand, meaning “land of the free.” This historic note, printed in England, reflects that name change and is the second type issued (the first had “Government of Siam”). It’s also the last 10 Baht released before Japan invaded in 1941. After their invasion, Thailand could no longer get bank notes from England, so these are harder to find. Available in two very collectible grades, the note pictures King Rama VIII. Salute the bravery and hardships of the POWs who built that bridge with this historic 75-year-old note.
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