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A.D. 253-268 Gallienus Germanic Victories Silver Antoninianus

A.D. 253-268 Gallienus Germanic Victories Silver Antoninianus

You can now own a well-preserved silver Antoninianus of Ancient Rome, from the reign of Emperor Gallienus. Despite a period of turmoil and chaos, he maintained authority from A.D. 253-268. As co-emperor with his father from 253-260, Gallienus was in charge of the western provinces, where he achieved multiple victories over barbarian Germanic invaders. For his successes, Gallienus was hailed 5 times as Germanicus Maximus (“the great victor in Germania”). As the sole emperor from 260-268, Gallienus endured frequent challenges from some other Roman generals, and was murdered by rivals in 268.

This silver Antoninianus, hand struck over 1,700 years ago, depicts Emperor Gallienus on the obverse. The reverse references the words Victory Germania (sometimes in abbreviated form), celebrating the emperor’s military accomplishments. Add the history and glory of Ancient Rome to your collection today!
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