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1791-1808 Spanish Colonial Silver 2 Reales, Charles IV

1791-1808 Spanish Colonial Silver 2 Reales, Charles IV

No collection is complete without the historic silver 2 Reales – America’s first quarter – used by Revolutionary War veterans and other early citizens of the new United States of America. These 1791-1808 coins were issued during the presidencies of George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson! The 2 Reales Spanish silver quarters were so widely used in early America they were accepted as U.S. legal tender until 1857, and Spanish Reales pieces are the first coins discussed in the official “Redbook” guide to U.S. coins!

Produced at the Spanish-American colonial mint in Peru, these coins were struck in 89.6% fine silver from 1791-1808, and bear the portrait of Charles IV. Silver 2 Reales coins of this quality are difficult to find today, yet the price is very reasonable considering their age and historical significance. Order today, because once our supply is gone, we don’t know when we’ll be able to offer these treasured silver coins again!
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