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121-91 B.C. Mithradates II Silver Drachm

121-91 B.C. Mithradates II Silver Drachm

Recall the mighty Parthian Empire at its greatest with this genuine silver Drachm of Mithradates II. As Parthia’s self-declared “King of Kings”, under his leadership the empire grew to its greatest size, maintaining diplomatic relations with both Rome to the west, and China to the east – then the world’s superpowers. Throughout their history, the Parthians have been remembered for their mighty skills as horsemen-warriors.

Famous for their consistent purity, these silver Drachms were struck from 4 grams of silver over 2,000 years ago. Each coin features the crowned bust of Mithradates II on the obverse, and a seated archer with bow on the reverse. Order today to own this treasured silver coin of the great Parthian Empire!
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