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1979-2009 Deluxe Small-Size Dollar Set

1979-2009 Deluxe Small-Size Dollar Set (31 coins), Uncirculated

Small-size dollar coins may be controversial with the public, but they are sought after by collectors. No wonder... the ill-fated Susan B. Anthony dollar is no longer minted and could be declared obsolete. In addition, 2009 brings the Native American designs on “golden dollars” (this year featuring a young woman planting seeds), with the date and mint mark now inscribed on the edge. The traditional Eagle reverse seen on 2000-2008 Sacagawea dollars is gone forever – replaced by all-new annual reverse designs.

This set includes one Uncirculated Anthony dollar from each U.S. Mint that struck them – Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco from 1979-1981 (the low-mintage 1981 dollars were issued only in U.S. Mint Sets) – plus 1999 Philadelphia “P” and Denver “D” Mint Anthony dollars. You’ll also receive all 18 P&D Sacagawea dollars of 2000-2008, and the 2009 P&D Native American dollars. Plus you’ll get two custom albums with spaces for every issue, and you SAVE. Get your deluxe small-dollar collection now!
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