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1974 Bahamas 1 Dollar, P#35b

1974 Bahamas 1 Dollar, P#35b

Issued after The Bahamas gained independence from Great Britain in 1973, this Crisp Uncirculated 1974 dollar is both beautiful and historic. It was the first dollar ever issued by the Central Bank of The Bahamas and is signed by Sir William C. Allen, its first deputy governor. A lovely portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and a conch shell watermark grace the face. The back features a colorful illustration of an inviting Sea Garden, along with the regal Bahamas coat of arms. Until recently all notes featured Her Majesty, but now they feature former prominent Bahamian officials. This specific design is no longer issued, adding to its unique appeal. Sure to make a colorful addition to your banknote or world currency collection.
BAP35B.81 Uncirculated
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