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1974 50 Pence, P#10b

1974 Falkland Islands 50 Pence, P#10b

Get a beautiful obsolete currency note from the Falkland Islands off the coast of Argentina, and SAVE! This United Kingdom territory gained world fame in 1982 – when Argentine forces tried to reclaim the islands from the UK in the brief Falklands War. Previous prominence came during both world wars, when the Royal Naval Base in Stanley scored an important victory over the German navy during WWI, and later waged the first major naval battle of WWII!

With the island’s tiny population of 3,140, only small quantities of the 1974 Fifty Pence Notes were ever issued. And this key denomination note was replaced by 50p coins in 1980. Due to heavy commercial use during their time of issue, few of these beautiful, artistic 50p notes have been saved in preferred Uncirculated condition.

Highlighting this collector favorite is a young portrait of Queen Elizabeth II (based on a famous 1952 photograph), which is found only on Falkland Islands and Seychelles currency. Order today, and you’ll SAVE off the regular price!
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