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1868-1869 Japan Gold 2 Bu, Meiji Era, with Case

Japan Gold 2 Bu, Meiji Era, No Date (1868-1869) with Case

Thanks to a fortunate purchase, here’s your chance to own a hard to find Japanese coin from the age of the powerful Tokugawa shoguns! Under their rule, Japan was sealed off from the outside world for more than 200 years. But with Commodore Perry’s visit in 1853, Japanese ports opened to trade, and the last shogun was overthrown in 1868. Soon, this fascinating piece passed into the pages of history…

  • Elegant 2 Bu coin
  • In detailed Extra Fine to About Uncirculated condition
  • Minted 1868-1869 from 22.3% gold and 77.7% silver
  • Struck during the Meiji era, this marks the end of Japan’s unique rectangular-shaped coins!

Order quickly… these historic coins are hard to get, and when our supply is gone, we don’t know when – or if – we’ll be able to offer them again!
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