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1979 & 1981 Clear

1979 & 1981 Clear "S" Susan B. Anthony Dollar Set, Choice Proof, PR63

Collectors not only want dates and mint mark coins, they want unusual scarce varieties too. The scarcer 1979 –S & 1981-S Clear “S” Proofs are two favorites from the short-lived Susan B. Anthony series, missing from most collections. These elusive coins are the Type 2 or Clear “S” mint mark variety:

  • Worn mint mark punches create an earlier, more common Type I “Filled S” variety for both 1979 and 1981
  • Clear “S” 1979-S created when an old mint mark punch, used since 1968 broke midway through the year
  • Clear 1981-S created when punch from 1979 wore down and was replaced
  • The type 2 varieties feature “S” with distinct and clear openings
  • Unusual and much scarcer than regular issues
  • Often missing from Susan B. Anthony collections
  • Buy both and SAVE off single coin prices

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