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1942 Complete Jefferson Nickel Set (4 coins)

1942 Complete Jefferson Nickel Set (4 coins)

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America was at war 70 years ago in 1942, and all available nickel was needed for armaments. Partway through 1942, the composition of 5¢ coins was changed to a 35% silver alloy to save nickel for war materials. The “silver wartime” nickels are distinguished by large mint marks on the reverse above the image of Monticello.

With this Uncirculated year set, you’ll receive 1942 and 1942-D Jefferson nickels with the traditional nickel composition from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. Less than 14 million 1942-D nickels were struck, and this low-mintage issue is especially prized in Uncirculated condition. You’ll also get the 1942-P and 1942-S issues struck in 35% silver at Philadelphia and San Francisco (no “silver nickels” were struck at Denver until 1943).

These historic 1942 nickels recall the halt of Japanese advances in the Pacific at Midway and Guadalcanal, and the Allied invasion of North Africa. Your Uncirculated 4-coin set comes in a handsome display case, and you’ll SAVE off individual prices!
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