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San Francisco Mint

1921-S Morgan Silver Dollar

After a long and proud tradition of producing silver dollars for circulation, the San Francisco Mint said farewell to this endeavor with the 1921-S Morgan silver dollars. These final "S" mint mark Morgans were produced for government backing of "Silver Certificate" paper currency. As the last San Francisco issue of the Morgan series, the 1921-S is an important and nostalgic coin for silver dollar enthusiasts - choose from a range of affordable grades!
1739.12 Fine $92.00 Add to Cart
1739.VF Very Fine #2 $85.00 Add to Cart
1739.20 Very Fine $94.00 Add to Cart
1739.XF Xtra Fine #2 $86.50 Add to Cart
1739.40 Extra Fine $96.00 Add to Cart
1739.50 About Unc-50 $100.00 Add to Cart
1739.AU About Unc #2 $90.00 Add to Cart
1739P.63 Ch Unc-63 $175.00 Add to Cart
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