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1921 High-Relief Peace Dollar in Showpak

This scarce key date from the first year of the Peace dollar series is a unique 90% silver coin that belongs in every collection! Rarely available in any quantity, and seldom seen in such an affordable grade, this is your chance to economically own the famous first-year Peace dollar in our exclusive Showpak® holder...

  • Peace dollars featured a high-relief design when introduced in 1921.
  • Design was soon “flattened,” and the modified style was used for the rest of the series.
  • High-relief 1921 Peace dollars are prized as the original presentation of an acclaimed design
  • Struck in limited quantities over 90 years ago
  • Only issued at the main U.S. Mint in Philadelphia

While these genuine coins don’t meet industry grading standards, they offer an affordable way to add a scarce and sought-after silver dollar to your collection. Reserve your high-relief 1921 Peace silver dollar in Littleton’s Showpak today!
ST4588 Genuine
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