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1938-1958 WWII Military Note Set (6 notes)

Whether you collect paper money, are a history buff, or want to add color to your collection, you’ll want this set of genuine WWII Military notes. Composed of 6 circulated issues, you’ll get 3 used by U.S. troops and their allies and 3 used by Axis powers Japan and Germany.

As Germany and Japan took over various countries, they issued occupation notes to pay troops and buy goods in the local economy. You’ll get the German 5 Reichsmark used in many European countries, showing a tiny swastika on the face, the Japanese 5 Yen for use in China and the 100 Pesos, also issued by Japan, for use in the Philippines.

When the allies liberated Germany, Italy and Japan, they brought currency denominated in the currency of those nations with them. You’ll get the Germany 1 Mark, the Italy 1 Lira and the Japanese 10 Sen-B with a large letter “B” denoting Japan. Now over 50 years old, these WWII-era notes are in great demand today for their historic significance and affordability. Order right away and SAVE!
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