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  • "I am impressed with the careful attention you give in providing an excellent means of collecting. I will be telling friends and family about the care I have received."

    – D.S., Elsmere, KY

  • "I have always thought of Littleton as just a stamp company. But, as Gomer says: surprise, surprise, when that American Eagle slid out of the envelope – my first one at that. Thank you for sending those four coins. All are in great shape."

    – R.B., Coden, AL

  • "I'm thrilled to begin my coin collecting experience through your company. My grandson and I are starting our collection together – something to bridge the generations. He is just six years old, so it should be a
    long-lived journey filled with excitement and anticipation."

    – K.S., Spokane, WA

  • "Thank you for being there for me. I have always been fascinated with coins. Now I can have the help of experts like you to help me better understand coin collecting. I wish I had found Littleton many years ago. Thank you again. I am looking forward to what is coming to my mailbox next time from Littleton."

    – W.W., Carson City, NV

  • "I absolutely love these coins, and the American Eagle Silver Dollar Club is easy and affordable! I never thought I would become a coin collector.
    I am dearly enjoying this."

    – P.C., Abington, PA

  • "I really didn't intend to collect coins; I purchased the Morgan silver dollars for my great grandson, who is 4 ½. I wanted him to have something to remember me by. But when I saw the amazing Uncirculated American Eagle silver dollar,
    I decided to start myself a collection."

    – C.B., Lansing, MI

  • "I have learned a lot just by reading your book Hard To Find Coins. You learn more about our American history and learn to appreciate some coins that are passed down from our parents that treasured them."

    – P.M., San Diego, CA

  • "The coins are really beautiful, and they arrived in flawless condition. The Kookaburra Club is an easy and convenient way to collect these beauties."

    – T.L., Tallahassee, FL

  • "All my ordered coins were packed properly and carefully. I was surprised by the free set of nickels. I will be a return customer – thanks!
    It's so nice to write a compliment, not a complaint."

    – H.G., Camden Wyoming, DE

  • "Thank you for the Profit Share system. What a good way to give something back to the customer for shopping with you all. To me, this is getting quality for a cheaper price. No other coin company that I deal with – about 8 other companies – can match Littleton. I'm very satisfied with the way you handle all of my orders.
    Thanks again."

    – S.S., Seaford, NY

  • "I am very pleased with the services and the friendliness of the staff at Littleton. My wife and I enjoy the coins so much, we can hardly wait for the next shipment to arrive. Around our house, it's like Christmas every month. If my wife and I ever get the chance to go to New Hampshire, we would very much like to stop in and say hello to everyone. Again, Thanks for excellent service, and keep it up."

    – D.P. , Columbus, OH

  • "Your prices are great. Coins are beautiful, and the service is outstanding. Your staff is very dedicated and efficient. I am very happy to be one of your customers!"

    – G.N., Jasper, IN

  • "You have a very fine company. Thank you for your service."

    – D.H., Grass Valley, CA

  • "I receive my orders with no errors or damages. I enjoy the service from your company. You don't push me into buying anything, and the
    Profit Shares are a nice reward when I order."

    – D.F., Mayville, WI

  • "Your system is constant. I know what to expect. Your promptness is one of your many assets. I am fully satisfied with your service;
    asking for anything better would be selfish of me."

    – A.S. , Lanham, MD

  • "Thank you. You've been the answer to one of my dreams. I'm 50 years old now.
    My first collection started when I was 12."

    – M.T., Jewett, NY

  • "I like Littleton's honest service I can trust. I bought from you when I was a kid. Now I'm in my 60s. I know I'm getting the real stuff, as we say here. I like your friendly service. I will not give my business to rude, etc. people, and that's a fact.
    Littleton gives the best service with friendly people."

    – H.O. , Great Falls, MT

  • "I recently made a mistake and accidentally overpaid for a monthly shipment. You all resolved this issue very promptly, and it was credited back to my account today. I am very impressed with Littleton's service and customer representatives. They were very courteous and knew the answers to all of my questions. Super job!
    There is no doubt in my mind that Littleton's Coin Co. is #1!"

    – B.W. , Yankton, SD

  • "I'm not a computer person, so I am glad I'm able to order through regular mail.
    You are a great company with great customer service.
    I know I don't buy much compared to other customers I'm sure, but I feel
    I'm treated as one of your best customers... Thank you again."

    – M.M. , Hartford, AL

  • "I have not found another coin company that has given me 150% on the coins I bought. I have told others about this coin company and will continue to do so.
    I will continue to use them as my number one provider."

    – J.F., Sapulpa, OK

  • "I very much like the Littleton coin folders I purchased."

    – N.W. , Toronto, OH

  • "I love your website and your great service. Thanks."

    – M.M., Garden Grove, CA

  • "I have dealt with other coin companies, but Littleton Coin Co.
    is by far the very best of all."

    – N.V., Benton, IL

  • "I have been a coin collector since my 10th birthday in 1931. All my dealings with Littleton Coin Co. have been very satisfactory with me. Keep up the good work."

    – G.P., Anderson, CA