Coin Release Schedules

[photo: 2017 new issues]

Below you'll find the expected release dates for some of this year's most exciting new U.S. coins and sets! This list will be updated periodically as new information becomes available.

Please note: release dates are determined by the U.S. Mint and are subject to change without notice.

Special Series
National Park Quarters
Five new designs each year
with periodic releases
Presidential Dollars
Final Year! This year, enjoy the last three designs of the series.
2016 Regular-Issue Coinage Scheduled Release Date
American Eagle Silver Dollar January 8, 2016
Native American Dollar January 27, 2016
U.S. Mint Presidential Dollar Proof Set February 16, 2016
U.S. Mint Quarter Silver Proof Set February 23, 2016
Kennedy Half Dollar February 24, 2016
U.S. Mint Quarter Proof Set March 7, 2016
U.S. Mint Proof Set April 1, 2016
U.S. Mint Silver Proof Set April 18, 2016
U.S. Mint Uncirculated Set May 18, 2016

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America's National Park Quarters

[photo: Fort Moultrie (Fort Sumter National Monument)]

Beginning in 2010 and running through 2021, this program celebrates revered sites and locations preserved by the U.S. government for their natural, historical, cultural or recreational significance.

2016 National Park Quarters Scheduled Release Date
Shawnee National Forest February 1, 2016
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park April 11, 2016
Harpers Ferry National Historical Park June 6, 2016
Theodore Roosevelt National Park August 29, 2016
Fort Moultrie (Fort Sumter National Monument) November 14, 2016

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Presidential Dollars

[photo: Fort Moultrie (Fort Sumter National Monument)]

This program honoring our nation's presidents began in 2007 and will continue through 2016; the coins feature each president's image in the order they served in office.

2016 Presidential Dollars Scheduled Release Date
Richard M. Nixon February 3, 2016
Gerald R. Ford March 8, 2016
Ronald Reagan July 1, 2016

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