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  • Did you know... That aside from the present-day $100 note, Benjamin Franklin has also been shown drawing electricity from the sky on a $10 National Bank note?
  • Did you know... The ancient Greek coin was named drachma because its value was equal to a handful of the iron or copper rods commonly used as small change.
  • Did you know... The Buffalo nickel design was so popular that it was brought back on 99.99% pure gold American Buffalo bullion coins of 2006 to date.
  • Did you know... A dollar bill's life span is approximately 21 months, while a dollar coin's is 30 years!
  • Did you know... The Liberty Cap half cent, issued from 1793-1797, was America's first and smallest coin denomination!
  • Did you know... "Buck" as a slang term for the U.S. dollar is thought to have originated in America's frontier days, when deer skins were used as a unit of exchange!
  • Did you know... Morgan silver dollars are named for their designer, George T. Morgan, an assistant engraver at the U.S. Mint from 1876-1917, and chief engraver from 1917 until his death in 1925.
  • Did you know... That it takes about 4,000 folds (forward and backward) before a note splits?
  • Did you know... That each year, nearly $400,000 in loose change is left behind at airport security checkpoints?

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