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Now you can easily organize and display your collection with attractive, affordable coin supplies from Littleton! From custom albums and folders to Air-Tite holders, coin tubes and more, you’re sure to find just the coin supplies you’re looking for.

Littleton's Custom Album Slipcase for 2" Album
$6.95 View Now
Air-Tite Holder, 41mm
$1.09 - $10.75 View Now
White Cotton-Knit Gloves
$1.75 - $16.00 View Now
Air-Tite Holder, 19mm
$0.89 - $8.75 View Now
2015 Guide Book of U.S. Coins, 68th Edition (Softcover)
$14.95 View Now
2010-2021 America's National Park Quarter Series Colorful Folder
$6.95 - $19.95 View Now
Air-Tite Holder, 21mm
$0.99 - $8.99 View Now
1962-1996 Jefferson Nickels Folder
$3.49 View Now
1997-Date Jefferson Nickels Folder
$3.49 View Now
Single Direct Fit Air-Tite Holder, 38mm
$0.99 - $8.99 View Now
Single Air-Tite Holder, 38mm w/White Ring
$1.09 View Now
2004-Date Roosevelt Dimes Folder
$3.49 View Now
2004-Date Kennedy Half Dollar Folder
$3.49 View Now
Fractional Currency Holder
$0.35 View Now
1965-2003 Roosevelt Dimes Folder
$3.49 View Now
Custom Album Slipcase for 1 1/2" album
$6.95 View Now
Lighthouse Slabs (5 pack), Large Dollar
$6.95 View Now
1988-1998 Washington Quarters Folder
$3.49 View Now
1965-1987 Washington Quarters Folder
$3.49 View Now
Currency Snaplock - Regular
$2.95 View Now
Mylar Lined Holders Large Dollar
$1.99 View Now
60-Pocket Vinyl Coin Folder
$4.50 View Now
Five 3-Pocket PVC Free SuperSafe Currency Pages for Large-Size Notes
$4.25 View Now
Littleton's Showpak Storage Box
$9.95 - $24.75 View Now

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