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Mixed Sets

Mixed Sets

Here’s a variety of popular coin sets, paper money sets, & combination sets–many displayed in Littleton’s exclusive holders. You’ll find tribute coin sets, theme coin sets, & world coin sets–great gifts & exciting additions to your collection.

History of the Cent, Nickel and Dime Collections
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1973-S Eisenhower Dollar with Gold-Plated Presidential Medal
$114.00 View Now
1913-1929 James E. Fraser Set
$120.00 View Now
1973-S Eisenhower Dollar & 2013 5-Star General Commemorative Dollar Set
$174.00 View Now
1921-1948 First-Year-of Issue Set, (3 Coins)
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1952-1959 Five 1950s Silver Year Sets
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1991-2013 Theodore Roosevelt Tribute Set
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1916-1946 Obsolete 20th Century Dimes & Quarters
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Lewis & Clark Set & Thomas Jefferson Tribute Set
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American Eagle Freedom Set (4 coins)
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American Eagle Freedom Set
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1971-1979 U.S. First Moon Landing Set
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1940-1947 Eight Silver Year Sets
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1914-2013 Mother's Day Set
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Western Frontier The Legacy Collection in Frame
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Civil War Showpak Set
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George Washington's Inauguration Set
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1892-1916 Barber Type Set (3 coins)
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6 Sets from the Super Saver Flyer
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America's Western Frontier Collection (10 coins)
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1914 & 2014 Gold $5 Half Eagle Set
$897.00 View Now
1938-1958 WWII Military Note Set (6 notes)
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Barber Type Set (3 coins) with 3 Folders
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1820-1859 Early Cent Type Set (3 coins)
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