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Image for 359-336 B.C. Philip II Bronze Coin from Littleton Coin Company
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359-336 B.C. Philip II Bronze Coin


Phillip II Bronze

Grade:  Very Fine  
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Accented in a rich green patina, these hand-struck coins display the head of Apollo on the obverse and a young jockey on the reverse, commemorating Philip`s victory in the Olympic games of 356 B.C. A military genius, Philip II of Macedonia ruthlessly conquered nearby city-states and used their abundant precious ore to finance his armies. He invented the phalanx - a nearly impenetrable 16 man deep block of soldiers that wreaked havoc against his foes. Using a combination of diplomacy, bribery, intrigue and force, Philip became master of Greece, and was the first to unite its city-states. He hired Aristotle to educate his young son, Alexander the Great. Brave as well as wise, he led his own armies into battle, and survived an arrow in the right eye that blinded him. Philip was assassinated in 336 B.C., cutting short his life of conquest. His coinage was innovative as well, being the first issued by a ruler (prior coinage was issued by city-states).

  • Material: Bronze
  • Product Type: Single Products
  • Location: Europe